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Once Upon a Time in

Once Upon a Time in Argentina -
Buicks in

Buicks in Moscow -

by Andy Chrisanfov

Why the Y job?

Why the Y job -

Harley Earl's Dream

Reaching the Boiling Point

Boyce Moto-Meter History
by Victor Koma

Reaching the Boiling Point - Boyce MotoMeter History -
Your Car is a War Car Now

Your Car is a War Car Now - Gas Rationing -

Gasoline Rationing in WWII

Buick Trucks -

Buick Trucks!
Yes there were
by Albert Mroz

Charles S. Howard

Charles S. Howard -

Buick Salesman of the Century

The Flexible
The Flxible Company and Buick -
Company and Buick
Who Remembers David Dunbar Buick?

Who Remembers David Dunbar Buick? -
Jed Clampetts Buick? -
Jed Clampett's Buick?
Marquettes Day in the Sun -
Marquette's Day in the Sun

by Albert Mroz

Galloping Goose Buick Rail Motor -
Galloping Goose Buick Rail Motor

by Karl Schaeffer

Assorted images, Buick and otherwise

that I'm not sure where else to put

Postwar Buick of Pelle Svensson -
Yes it's post-war, but can you resist the charm of Pelle Svensson and his girlfriend Marie?
Car was sold new to the Indian embassy in Stockholm, then to a police officer in Malmo.
Svensson serviced the car for many years and ultimately bought it.
Click here to see Svensson's nephew Michael Schiebler's site.
Cant decide which I
Which of these vehicles is more interesting? Both offer luxury in motion, and true '30s style.
Not a Buick but the image is so good I don not care. -
Thanks to Jeannie Neil for sharing this of great-uncle Leroy Otto Bullard and wife Aileen, in southern Alabama, probably in 1938. Looks like a 1935 or '36 Chevrolet.
just a Rolls-Royce halftrack with skis; what did you think it was? Thanks to Andy Chrisanfov for the remarkable foto -
What, a Rolls-Royce half-track?? But of course Andy Chrisanfov has the goods on it:

'This is an Alpine Eagle conversion for Russian winter roads, said to have been made especially for one Mr. Lenin back in the early '20s. The base vehicle [can you really use that term for a Rolls?] was confiscated from some member of the Russian nobility and equipped with the so-called 'Kregresse drive' -- a hang-on device converting any car to a halftrack 'Kegresse audosledge'. (Adolphe Kegresse, born French, lived in Russia and served as a consulting engineer to one of our former imperial departments. He was the very man behind the later Citroen half-track lories upon returning to his native France [see next pic below].) The car still exists and is kept in one of the still-numerous Lenin museums. RR Silver Ghost was a very popular vehicle amid the motorized Russian nobility, being a well-built and tough chariot, quite capable of withstanding our awful running conditions -- even in winter. The Czar himself had a limo on this chassis. By the way, the original Alpine Eagle tourer was a 1914 model.'

There was an advertising slogan for vodka, some years back: 'it leaves you breathless'. You might say the same about AC's encyclopedic knowledge of automobiles and their history. Here's the Citroen referred to above:
Citroen half-track lorie -
That Citroen is courtesy Orlygur Svavarsson in Egilsstadir, Iceland, who has a website of trucks and other items of interest there. Click on the pic to visit.
1926 McLaughlin in the Australian Outback -
The remnant below isn't of a Buick, it's a McLaughlin in the Australian outback. This one was rescued, Hurrah! Otherwise I wouldn't show it.