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Thank you for visiting this page, this usually means you are about to contact us. Before you send us feedback, remarks, a question, or anything else, do read the few frequently asked (and already answered) questions we have collected here.

I have a 19xx Buick I want to sell. Can I sell it on

No, not at the moment. Best thing to do is list it on PreWarCar, the daily marketplace dedicated to all pre1940 cars. They have a lot more buyer related traffic then we have, and all Buicks listed for sale on PreWarCar will apear on PreWarBuick automaticly.

I have a '19xx Buick very limited Towncar Deluxe Special one of a kind'. What is it worth?

No clue. No, really, we haven't. We are really sorry, but it is very hard to determine what a 19xx PreWar Buick is worth; there are just too many things that add/deduct value. A three line e-mail with little detail, no photo, no description of the condition, no location ... there is just so much we know. Even if we would mention a price it would be a wild guess. Prices in this market are not that easy to determine, so to prevent making mistakes or maybe even offending you, we won't do it. We. Won't. Do. It.
However, we would like to help you out. If you really want to know what your car could be worth, and are because you want to sell it, consider putting it up for sale with no indication price attached. Most sites allow that option. Sometimes it's just what the potential buyer wants to pay, especially when it involves a rare or special model or type.

Could you please help me find a spare part for my 19xx Buick?

If it is not in our big box of very special (& rare) parts we probably can't help you. Seriously, parts are hard to find (and we know it), so any help is appreciated. Try looking in our Buick links section where several part-(re)makers are listed. You should also visit online forums and marketplaces, such as PreWarParts, which by the way also has 'wanted' ads. You might want to try there.

Now, to contact PreWarBuick, please use the contact form below.